Patent For Sale

  The eSheet technology provides a low-cost solution to manufacture LARGE cholesteric LCDs.  The key eSheet product patent (US 8,089,434) covers wires in a polymer substrate to create an addressing plane in an electronic display.  The key eSheet process patent (US 8,166,649) covers the process of embedding the wires into the polymer substrate surface and a process for obtaining an eSheet surface flatness required for LCDs.  A patent (US 8,106,853) is also available that uses eSheets to form the panel structure for LCDs.  These eSheet product and process patents and the eSheet LCD patents do not expire until 2030.  A patent application (US 14/805,590) is also available for an interactive, energy-efficient, full-color electronic shelf rail displays using eSheet cholesteric LCDs.  The patent application also covers the use of cameras and pattern recognition software to determine the location of products on the eShelf and throughout the store.

   The patents and patent application for sale are listed below:

US 7,777,928 "Electrode Enhancements for Fiber-Based Displays"

US 8,089,434 "Electroded Polymer Substrate with Embedded Wires for an Electronic Display"

US 8,106,853  "Wire-Based Flat Panel Displays"

US 8,166,649  "Method of Forming an Electroded Sheet"

US Application 14/805,590 "ELECTRONIC SHELF (eShelf)"

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