LARGE Color LCD Markets

   Large, reflective, energy-efficient, color displays are one of the last untapped market segments. The novel electroded sheet (eSheet) LCD technology provides an avenue to supply low-cost color displays for these markets, something that is not attainable with current technologies.  The eSheet will allow the LCD technology to spread its dominance to large reflective displays.

   There are numerous markets for LARGE, energy-efficient, color displays.  One large market segment is electronic signage; which spans from highway and traffic signs, to wayfinding displays, to push-pin letter board electronic replacements, to marquees, to electronic billboards.  Another market segment is digital display coverings, like window, floor, and wall displays including pictures and artwork, as well as, digital furniture coverings.  Another market is LARGE, energy-efficient, interactive displays like tabletop displays, electronic whiteboards and backboards, especially for schools and other educational systems.  One of the best initial applications is electronic displays for the shelf edge (shown below).  The patented technology will provide full-color interactive images across the entire price rail edge that consume 'No Power'.  ESheet LCDs for electronic shelf labels will create a multibillion dollar marketplace that will provide product management, customer interaction and advertising capabilities at the shelf edge.  The eSheet LCD technology is the only solution that meets the requirements (minimum 4 feet, full-color and low-cost) for electronic shelf labels in the USA.
   The electronic shelf (eShelf) is the next generation of in-store smart technology combining product management with customer interaction and advertising.  The ability of the eShelves to display full-color images will open up digital advertising at price rail.  Advertising at Point-of-Purchase is the most effective location to interact with the customer and influence their purchasing decision.  The smart interactive eShelves will run software applications to interact directly with shoppers and their smart mobile devices.

  The electroded sheet (eSheet) technology is the keystone part of the display that enables very-long (over 100 feet), energy-efficient, full-color LCDs to be economically manufactured.  The eSheet LCD technology has the capability of achieving many different product attributes.  Because the eSheets are composed of plastic substrates that are flexible the eSheet LCDs can be rolled onto a curved surface and addressed.  Therefore, making the eSheet LCDs capable of covering pipes, pillars, arced desks for countess wall and furniture applications.

   Another product attribute of the eSheet LCDs is that they can be made to be pressure sensitive.  Therefore, images can be written onto the panel with a finger or a stylus, as shown below.  Thus making the eSheet LCDs both electronically and mechanically addressable.  Another attribute of the eSheet LCD is that the image on the display can be read at any time using the same orthogonal X-Y wire electrodes used to electronically write an image on the panel.  One huge market opportunity for large, reflective, 'no-power' matrix-addressable displays with tactile hand writing, in addition to, full image recognition capabilities is School Blackboards.  A low-cost, interactive, huge, electronic blackboard that requires very-little energy and can wirelessly connect to the Internet is a viable solution to teach kids around the world.

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