All Nupix's Assets are For Sale!

URL, patents, equipment

The URL or web address is for sale along with web addresses and      

The main asset for sale is the patent portfolio.  The patents cover the product and process of making LARGE, low-cost, reflective, "no-power", full-color LCDs.  These LARGE, reflective, color displays is one of the last untapped market segment in the display space.  The patented electroded Sheet (eSheet) technology is the keystone component that allows for the simple, low-cost manufacture of the energy-efficient, full-color displays.  The patents and patent application for sale are listed below:

US 7,777,928 "Electrode Enhancements for Fiber-Based Displays"

US 8,089,434 "Electroded Polymer Substrate with Embedded Wires for an Electronic Display"

US 8,106,853  "Wire-Based Flat Panel Displays"

US 8,166,649  "Method of Forming an Electroded Sheet"

US Application 14/805,590 "ELECTRONIC SHELF (eShelf)"

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